Monday, 19 February 2007

Oops she did it again

Back in London after a too brief weekend; it's another set of Shakespeare plays up in Stratford-on-Avon this coming weekend, and so I need to placate the Gods of the Office and do my two London days today and tomorrow. But oooh, I *so* didn't want to leave my CRON nest and come back up to town with its toxic temptations.

I was pretty sure that P and I would eat out last night so I made a real attempt to get everything in and at a reasonable calorie level before I travelled up, and I did. Blueberries and yoghurt and nuts and seeds for breakfast - the yoghurt was O% Total, and I do love it, but can I really justify the food miles when I can eat Yeo Organics from just a few miles away? No. *sigh* My feeble excuse is that it comes in 150g packages and I can eat the lot and not worry about the rest spoiling by the time I get home. I also made a fantastic soup with ginger, garlic, chilli, halved mushrooms, spinach, green beans, quorn and lemon to eat after a walk with friends and their dogs. (MUST get back to regular gym). I ate some cottage cheese before I left (or it would have spoilt). So I left home on 714 calories and over 90% on vits and minerals... and then drank a glass of wine, a glass of champagne, and shared a bottle of wine with P while eating Lebanese mezze. Argh.

I am getting bruises from falling off this wagon so much! :-)

I've indulged my obsession with monitoring my weight and bought some digital scales to replace my non-digital ones and save me having to do the math to convert stones and pounds and kilos into numbers that make sense to me. I've put on a little weight. And the ONLY thing I can blame for it is the wine because I know I am eating well and low cal (in fact, I'd have been under 1000 yesterday (oops) if I had been alone and I didn't eat that much mezze with P, but it was swimming in oil, annoyingly). Perhaps THAT will encourage me to Just Say No (after one glass!). Every little helps, right?


HkGrace said...

Don't worry, bruises heal :)

I'm planning a trip to London for the first week of April so perhaps we can meet. Just think-- CRON and London finally come together for you!

Sara said...

That would be great if you have time for it.