Thursday, 7 June 2007


WholeFoods Market just opened on Kensington High Street yesterday, and I paid my first visit this morning.

OH MY GOD. I just want to move in there.

Such deliciousness! The veggies! The salad bar! So much good food!

I am overly excited. :-)

And shortly to be very poor.


Deborah said...

Yeah!!! It is incredible isn't it?

Enjoy your time there, but don't go broke. it's too easy to buy everything!!


Amy said...

I am so jealous! I feel like the only CR blogger who doesn't have access to one of either (a) Whole Foods or (b) Trader Joes. Everyone goes off on how fabulous they are, and I'm just stuck with Publix and the local health food store, Native Sun. Now even the Brits have Whole Foods while I'm still waiting for one in Jacksonville, Florida. Bummer!


Sara said...

I've just been at lunchtime. It is packed. I don't know where everyone has come from. They have the entire third floor of the building dedicated to various cafes - sushi, tapas, mezze, seafood, champagne... My lunch might not have been entirely ON. :-)

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Christina, before she dissapeared from blogosphere, once said, "I'm on my way to Whole Paycheck today."
I love some of the products they themselves package, such as the grapefruit scented shampoo and creme rinse. I was introduced to sprouting by the Whole Foods in Orlando, Florida, and to vegan raw food pates there as well. However, I imagine they will tailor your store to the likings of the Brits, so it will be interesting to see how it will be different over there.

Sara said...

That would be the real ale bar, Arturo. :-)

Anonymous said...

But at £3 a pint? Eek.

Sara said...

Well, cheap K&C is not... :-)

skinnybitch said...

I adore Whole Foods. You walk in and immediately understand that this is a place where people actually care about good produce.
Oh, the gorgeous rows of glorious, bright green leafies just standing there at attention, waiting for you to pick them up and lovingly tote them home. It makes me smile just thinking about it.
Enjoy, Sara!
(Amy, That sucks that you don't have access to these places! I'll be without them all next week while I visit my folks in WV. It's going to be tough.)

Deborah said...

OH! Four more weeks and I'll get to shop there regularly too..can't wait. TJ's Wegmans, Whole Foods and then all the regulars within just a few miles of each other. Did someone say something about a paycheck? What paycheck?

Matthew said...

Apparently its the only "Whole Foods" that have opened in the UK at the moment? I think thats what they said on BBC News the other morning anyway...