Friday, 22 June 2007

A Whole Foods Discovery

Today I finally managed to visit Whole Foods and come out with something vaguely nutritious and CRON friendly. It's Skyr, a very low fat (0.2g per 100g), high protein (12g per 100g) and fairly low calories (66 cals per 100g) dairy product. Yum yum. Oh yes, and 14% RDA of calcium in a 100g as well. My little pot was 170g, and with its own dinky spoon so I could eat it in the park.

I also left with extra goji berries and some raw cacao nibs from Of The Earth Superfoods because I've been becoming intrigued by this whole superfood thing... really because I still feel and look dreadful and need something to perk me up, although I suspect what I need is a lot more sleep and less general stress overall.

Anyway, I'm now bouncing high on cacao... well, all 5g approx of it I allowed myself with my Skyr. It was a yummy treat.

I still look like hell though.


Matthew said...

Try out this yogurt sometime

Its probably the best one i've found!

so NICE :D

You can probably find it at any supermarket.

Mizzi said...

That sounds delicious! I love things that come in individual serving sizes too.

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Yeehaw. My computer at home is now online, so I can read your blog and other's blogs. I see you've weathered a cold since I've been out. Hope you feel better. With CR, colds should last a short time and be only a slight inconvenience.