Thursday, 14 June 2007

Go AWAY cold

I am distinctly unimpressed by the tenacity of whatever little bug I have picked up and is refusing to just leave me in peace. I've had to cancel my own hen night because I am wheezing and coughing like a consumptive Bronte, and look about as attractive. Grrr.

Still, better sick today than sick in exactly one month's time. Hopefully it won't be raining then, either.

P bought me my wedding ring at the weekend and I am very excited and keep sneaking it out of its box to try it on again. It's very sparkly and very pretty, and not at all what I thought I would get when we went shopping. But it called to me. The precious.

CRON is so-so. I ate too little on Monday, too much (for my taste) on Tuesday, was unable to measure dinner last night because it was with the next door neighbours, and just now failed to fight off an attack by a left-over portion of cold rhubarb crumble that's in the fridge waiting to be passed back to its maker. Not like me at all to do that. Usually I have an iron will with sweets. I didn't touch it last night so why it should suddenly be appealing cold and gloopy I do not know. Still, I guess it's fruit, right?


Deborah said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly. it's just not fair at this time of year..especially with what you've got going on..but as you say, at least it's now and not in a month (a month!! OMG how exciting)

Your ring sounds great..what a treat and what fun to peek at it :)

Mizzi said...

Hope you feel better soon, but you're right. Better to get it out of your system now.

So you were attacked by a rhubarb crumble! Must be a conspiracy - a berry pie got me today :))

I'm like you, I have no trouble resisting the sweets most of the time, but every now and then they sneak up from behind...

Feel better soon. Hoping for sunshine for you.

Matthew said...

hope you feeling better soon! :D

skinnybitch said...

Oh, I think if you're struck down with a nasty, tenascious bug you're entitle to some rhubarb crumble. Sometimes, you need a little comfort food. Don't sweat it. But do make sure you're getting good nutrition. Hopefully, it'll help you recover more quickly.
Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon.

April said...

Hope you're feeling better Sara!

Funny that you should mention rhubarb... I made my rhubarb/Quorn tenders/grape tomatoes cooked in a very dry rose last night. Delicious as ever, and a great way to use rhubarb without needing sweetener or sugar.

When I'm feeling ill I find I crave hot, salty things, like eggdrop soup from the Chinese takeout. And hummus, of course!

Take care of yourself and get well soon!