Monday, 25 June 2007

Complete Gak Fest

Urgh. I've just had several days of pretty horrible nutrition - lovely company and I did a lot of nice things but as far as CRON goes, it was pretty poor. How it is possible to put 5lbs on in as many days I do not know, but I've managed to do it and I am feeling quite bad about it. *sigh* I hope most of it is water weight and it will be gone soon. :-(

I did try my best up to a point, but I was very lazy about stuff yesterday in particular.... I ate so much bread, and hardly any veggies at all, and drank way too much. Yes, I am beating myself up about it so I won't elaborate but suffice it to say, I wish I had more time at home alone to get things under control this week before I have to head back to London again. What with being sick, and carb-craving, and then running around all over the place, and socialising, and not having access to my staple foods, I've lost the plot somewhat. Unfortunately I only have a couple of days to get it back. I will be doing all I can to make those days count 100% towards nutrition and keeping as low as possible on the calorie front though. Bring on that spinach.


skinnybitch said...

Isn't it amazing how easily we can be thrown off track? That's how my exercise regimen ended up completely derailing.

I think the key is to go right back to your old routine as quickly as you can (something I didn't do with exercise). Don't worry - as long as you're determined to get back to it, you'll get there.

As for those five pounds, they will almost certainly disappear once you get back on track. No worries.

Take good care of yourself and try not to stress. Definitely don't beat yourself up about the past. It's pointless and it diverts energy from more useful ways of thinking. Try focusing only on the here and now. And definitely gobble down some spinach.


Sara said...

Yes, I've let the exercise slip as well! But I can get right back onto that for a couple of days now - I'd have been back at the gym this morning but I was driving back from London.

I think the worst of it is how quickly one's body wants to carry on being a glutton because it's not getting the right vits and minerals and so is hunting for them... as in, perhaps that piece of yummy bread will work for me... or maybe that slice of oozing brie.... :-)

Spinach has been consumed. And butternut squash!

Anonymous said...

I've never been able to understand why I can gain 5 pounds in a week but I can't seem to be able to lose one....

And I love a good crusty bread. It's my weakness.

Glad you're not ailing anymore :)

Sara said...

Joanna - it's the mystery of the female body. It sets out deliberately to frustrate us, it would seem. :-)

Deborah said...

The better to fill out that beautiful wedding dress m'dear.
I'm sure you will get back on track. These next few weeks will be so hectic its going to be tough all around. Please do not beat yourself up over this. Practice some self-love. You will be fine. You are committed to the end to this life-style. It is easy to get off track that is true, especially when you are out of your elements, but when you are back to your routine..all will be right once again.

Yes, our bodies love to derail our best intentions..don't I know it..but really, you are going through an extraordinary time. Are moving to a new place as well? Or will P (is it P?) move to you? You to him? Just a few life altering events happening all at once here.. My goodness. Keep your spirits up..enjoy the ride and make some fine memories for yourself.


Sara said...

P and I will carry on with our usual unusual living arrangements for a while. He's intent on remaining in his house in London at least until after the 2012 Olympics since it will be situated within walking distance. After that, since I cannot even consider living back in that area of London again, we'll re-evaluate!

Filling out the wdding dress... Hmm! But yes, ok. Don't really want that skeletal look going on... :-)

JD said...

Hey, I can totally sympathise! On Saturday I fell completely off-track and felt absolutely awful. What started with an amazingly good CRON thai meal graduated into watching a film which had to be accompanied by cheese, crackers, walnut and date chocolate(!) and alpro from the evil Whole Foods/Fresh & Wild. I managed to put on 6 lbs in one evening! Back to normal now though...

Also, hello! I'm learning CRON too this year and trying to use my blog to help keep on track.

Sara said...

Hello JD! Another British blogger - fantastic. Nice to meet you. :-)

Mizzi said...

As I was reading your reply I thought that spinach and butternut squash would pair quite well with brie and baguette :))

You'll be fine - it is for sure fluids. Lots of water and maybe some watermelon juice. It really helps get the kidneys working and flush the system.

April said...


I know the feeling. These latest campaigns have been rough on my CR, and getting my groove back seems to come in fits and starts.

Hang in there, take care of yourself.


Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Would the acronym for that be CGF?
As in "OMG, I had a CGF!" [laugh]

DTBIC-II sounded to me like "Diabetes Type II", one of the things that being a CRONie helps you avoid, until you decyphered it, that is.

Hope your preparations for and process of D-Day (another acronym) goes well.