Sunday, 17 June 2007

Beginning a better week?

Thank you for all your get well wishes. I'm still not well, but better than I was. Maybe I was expecting too much from my supposedly revved up immune system in hoping to rid myself of whatever this is in a few days. With luck, I should be back to 100% by the end of the week. *Hopes*

The worst thing about this is the effect it's been having on my CR mentality - it's not that it's been a struggle to stay CR'd, but I've been having more of a struggle than usual wanting to stay CR'd. I think this all comes down to me being tired of looking after myself and just wanting someone to do it for me, or to take an easier route. Have some bread and cheese for lunch rather than the huge salad; have someone else cook me a meal; that sort of thing. Feeling sorry for myself brings on a lax mentality, so it needs to stop.

I'm neither losing nor gaining weight, which is also... a bit dull, really. Another mental attitude that needs adjusting, because at my current weight lack of variation is good and where I should want to be.

I want to get back to the gym because I fear for the tone of my upper arms in The Dress after not having worked out for so many days in a row (not to mention the tone of everything else!)! But once more I don't think I have the energy today. So I will look into acquiring some weights I can use at home until I feel up to the treadmill / cross-trainer again. Going to the gym simply to do weights will not work for me. I will either over or under-do it... although anything would be better than nothing. See, lax thinking!

The Dress has actually arrived but I've yet to try it on properly. The zip on the side is in such a position that I suspect were I to fully draw it up, alone I wouldn't be able to pull it down again, and there I'd be, stuck in my wedding dress. I don't love it that much. :-)

I hope everyone had good weekends and now have good weeks in front of them.


Deborah said...

Oh Yes..this week will be better week I'm sure.

Push-ups will tone just a easily as weights..without the cost. Be a brute..feel the's such fun :)

The Dress?!!? You don't love it yet?? You will. I promise.

Maintaining your weight is yet another achievement. I'm sure you'll feel good staying steady. You in a great spot right now..enjoy the calmness and sanity of it. Things don't have to move at lightening speed to be enjoyable. So a little boredom sets's better than being stressed to the max (which will set in about 16 days :) But it will all be lovely.

skinnybitch said...

I know what you mean about boredom with just maintaining a healthy weight. It can feel sort of aimless once you've gotten down to your target weight.

The solution is to create new goals for yourself. For example, April continually challenges herself to come up with new and interesting ways to prepare CRON-friendly recipes. Another goal might be to incorporate as many different fruits and veggies into your diet as you can (variety is important). My goal right now is to very carefully monitor what I eat so I can make that information available to the folks at the National Weight Control Registry when I'm eligible to join in October.

See if you can come up with a new goal to revitalize your CRON practice. It certainly makes things more interesting.

Mizzi said...

I do all my work outs at home with dvd's and a couple of sets of dumbells. Very inexpensive, effective and I much prefer it than going to a gym.
And you know I really think it is okay to want someone else to look after you sometimes, especially when you are not feeling well. It is usually possible to find something that fits in with a CR plan.
If I were you I would be going for the soups right now - maybe your local health store has something? Like a creamy butternut. Just a thought :D