Tuesday, 31 July 2007

I've had what feel like a few none-too-good CRON days in a row. I've lost my focus a little since the wedding - I think because I am still living amid the chaos of the aftermath, trying to get the house back into some sort of order, finding places for all the wonderful gifts... and staring the leftover wine in the face all the time. Whatever the reason is, I am finding it difficult to settle down; people have talked about the zen of CRON and I've always been thinking what's that? I've never had that! What am I missing? and of course now I know what I'm missing - you don't know what you've had till it's gone! :-)

Yesterday I made a good effort on getting things tidy, and took a lot of stuff to the dump, and have more packed up to take to charity shops just to get it out of my way. I have a couple of wine cubes due to be delivered today, which will mean I can get the final boxes of wine out from under my feet and into something resembling storage, which should be an immense help. And the last of the bread I bought last week has gone - I need to say farewell to that for a while too; I can never stick with just one slice, it's always two - and if the calories for rye bread in CoM are to be believed, that's a lot of calorie buck for very little bang - and I don't think the extra carbs are doing much for my stability of mind either.

So hopefully things should be better for today. It's just a little trickier getting my discipline back when the focus is no longer on the immediate or short-term (ie, losing weight while maintaining optimum nutrition to get into my dress), but on the long term (increased longevity, decreased risk of disease). I've never been great at thinking long-term; it's a shift in mind-set I really do have to achieve or I will continue to drift along, dissatisfied with my eating habits and with my job, indefinitely. This must not happen.

On the literal bright side, there is sun today! It's fantastic.


Illiah said...

It's really hard for me to think long term either. But for me, thinking about what I'm going to feel like an hour after the meal is short term enough to help with things. I know I feel good after a huge salad with juicy vegetables and lean protein. I know after a couple of slices of pizza, or too much bread, I feel sleepy and bloated. The hard part is remembering the sleepy sick feeling when the pizza aroma is floating around.

And don't forget, most of the "major life stressors" lists include marriage, and illness/death of family members in the top ten. You, my friend, are dealing with at least 2 of the top ten. So we'll all be easy on you CRON wise for a while!!

Deborah said...

You def. have had a major stress\er in your life. A life change like a marriage, even if you guys are still maintaining your residences, is still a big deal. You've had so much going on leading up to this and now you have to deal with the "aftermath" It's a lot to go through Don't worry. You haven't lost anything. You've still got it..it will take a while to surface again. I'd have a very hard time starring down that wine too...I'd need to get rid of it..quickly. Hmmmm, not a good plan. invite friends over, throw a large party and everyone attending gets a bottle as a post-wedding gift!

Mizpah said...

I can relate to what Iliah said. I also find that how I feel when I eat CRON style is good motivation to stick with the plan :)
I'm struggling with the wine intake at the moment too, and I don't have a few spare cases lying around. That would test anyone's discipline.

Enjoy the sunshine!