Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Rain It Raineth Every Bloody Day

... except this last Tuesday, when the sun shone and the air was balmy and warm and I gave myself heatstroke by sitting in my courtyard reading "Sideways" and drinking several bottles of San Pellegrino. By 5pm I was stumbling around, slurring incoherently like Miles and Jack, and ne'er a drop of alcohol had touched my lips. This is a regular occurrence whenever P and I go abroad, because I adore the heat and the sun and forget totally, every time, that the heat and the sun do not adore me. But this is the first time it's happened on my home ground, while large parts of the UK lie under swathes of flood waters, suffering from cuts in power and rationing of drinking water.

Today it's back to the wind and the rain, and the rain and the wind, and the cold cold cold. Even the ducks are looking less than amused now, and I (frankly) am fed up with it along with the rest of the country, no doubt.

Am easing myself back into CRON with my usual foods - lots and lots and lots of veggies, low fat dairy, and the occassional few eggwhites or tofu. I've been drinking miso soup (26 cals the bowl) and adding spring onion and cubed Mori-Nu as a snack. Mmmm... sodium, but mmmmm. I've also been upping my calories over the last few days with toasted organic light rye bread. The sunstroke seemed to demand it, and breaking the bread habit is always hard for me to do... there's no real need for me to cut it out entirely, after all, as long as its unprocessed and wholegrain and organic. Still around 1200 cals a day (when I'm not eating out) and back to 110.4lbs on the scales this morning.


Matthew said...

The rain is terrible isn't it! :(

The weather is now reported to be the worst we have had since records began (for the last 3 months) 250 years ago!

Deborah said...

Sorry to hear about all the rain! We could use some of that here in Virginia. Send it on over (I guess I better watch what I ask for!)

I'm glad to hear you are getting back to your routine. Sounds like you had a lovely couple of weeks. It is always a shock to get back to the more mundane aspects (work, work and more work) It's true, you just completed a major organizational feat. You could tackle a job change the same way..just hope for a shorter time frame. Good luck with whatever you decide. ( I guess I'm commenting on a previous pot here) and thanks for stopping by :-D