Sunday, 1 July 2007

Quick Post

You know what? I'd nothing better than for our little world wide clique of Cronies to converge chez Sara for a Cronie mezze as per previous post. :-) You'd be very welcome.

I'm very stressed and simulataneously busy and not as busy as I'd like to be. I can't organise much more for The Day now until the end of week after next, when it will be two days of endless chaos. Well, there is the small matter of writing the script for the ceremony but, hey - picking the words to bind you to your life's partner in front of your family and best friends is a breeze, right? Er, yes. Argh.

More in a couple of days. No chance of any more foodie writing for quite a time, Illiah! :-)


April said...

Wedding script... wow.

My mom is a minister and has helped a lot of couples write their ceremonies.

I personally like very short ceremonies. Something along the lines of, "Well, this seems like it might work, so let's stick together. Okay everybody, go open the wine!"

But I understand if you prefer something more, eh, formal.



Deborah said...

mmmm if it were would be three nights beforehand at about 2am that the words would begin to flow. Hopefully you wont cut it quite that close, but if you do, carry a pad of paper around with never know when the inspiration will hit and word start flowing. I'm sure whatever you write will be just what's needed and memorable forever and ever


I'll be thinking of you on the 14th..I've just been invited to a bridal shower on that day so bells will be in the air!