Monday, 23 July 2007

Picture Post

The Venue

Mother and Daughter

Bride and Groom simultaneously forget their lines

First Kiss

Garden party

Feed me!

Wedding dessert - CRON style, complete with kale garnish I notice! I didn't get to eat any though! :-)


Darwin said...

Congratulations! You look fantastic!

Marianne said...

You look so gracefully and happy! And your exquisite taste shows in every detail. Congratulations!


skinnybitch said...

Oh, it looks just perfect. You look so beautiful and happy in all the pictures. I love the venue, too. What a gorgeous building! Is it a church? The CRON dessert picture has made me prematurely hungry for dinner. I may have to eat a few berries to tide me over.

April said...

What a beautiful wedding! You were a perfect bride. I love the dress!!! And the venue... my heavens. Picture perfect!


Deborah said...

Fabulous pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them (And thank you to P too!) I love the shot of you laughing during the ceremony. Even if it was a bit uncomfortable at the's all part of the story and lore of your wedding.

Arturo Veve said...

Hi Sara
LOVELY!!!! Thanks for sharing! Congratulations to the both of you.

Mizpah said...

Gorgeous! You look so happy.

Sara said...

Thanks all! :-) It was a very special day and I definitely felt very special on it. A fabulous memory.

R - no, it's not a church - it's a manor house built in 1480, I think, that belonged to the Seymour family - as in Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. I can't imagine a better backdrop for our day. We also had marquees in the paddock for the tables and the band.

JD said...

Wow! Your dress, the venue, the food... everything is beautiful! Looks like such a perfect day. Your hair colour is really lovely and the style is so simple and graceful.

skinnybitch said...

A Seymour family manor, eh?
See, you Brits have *all* the cool stuff. Did you get to poke around inside at all?

Sara said...

Yes, I stayed there on the night before the wedding and again with P on the wedding night. It's a fascinating place and the couple who currently occupy it and run it (as a B&B and working farm) are our age. I'm quite jealous!

HkGrace said...

Wow, amazing photos! You look gorgeous.

Christina said...

Great pictures, Sara, and congratulations! :)