Wednesday, 30 January 2008

So that's how it works!

A year and several days on, and I finally work out how to microwave a package of eggwhites.

(Slightly excused by the fact that we've only had packaged eggwhites on shop shelves here for a few months to my knowledge, and even then I've only seen them in Selfridges and Wholefoods).

Yes, prior to this, if I've been eating eggwhites I've been hard-boiling eggs and burning my fingers separating them out. It hasn't encouraged me to use them often. This 500g package though, after 10 mins in the microwave in my lasagne dish, has cut up into little cubes like tofu or quorn - far more appetizing than scraps with shell.

So, that's me sorted for protein for the next few days then.


April said...

welcome to eggwhite land!!!


Linda said...

I shall have to try that, though I have to say I have always found eggwhites alone rather unpalatable. I did make a very good asparagus frittata with them the other day. How do you dress up the little cubes to make them more interesting? I am wondering if it is possible to whisk in something like tomato puree, or vegetable broth before you microwave them to add some flavour. I think I sense another kitchen experiment coming on!

Sara said...

Linda... I'm weird, and I like them plain. Maybe with pepper. Straight out of the fridge. :-)

I don't think adding anything to them apart from maybe herbs prior to microwaving would work; it might make them too liquid and they wouldn't set? said...

you weird, me weird. :) I like them plain too, Sara. but I recall adding chopped tomatoes once and it turned out fine.

SDL said...

So how did you do it? Mine always come out stuck to whatever dish they are in, and kinda uneven. Definitely not nice little cubes. I need eggwhite help!

Sara said...

Sdl, I just tipped them into an earthenware small rectangular lasagne dish and microwaved them on full for about 10 minutes in total; I checked every 3 minutes to see if they were setting. And then I just tipped out the entire lot, like a big thick eggwhite ommelette, and cut it up. Maybe it's the variety of eggwhites, or I was just lucky?