Monday, 28 January 2008

I never learn!

Last week I came up to town wearing my new jeans (admittedly a size up from the ones I was wearing with comfort back in July 2007, but temporarily so, surely) and feeling sexy and slinky. I might not have looked it but I felt it and that's always good.

Today those very same jeans are mumsy and frumpy and too tight.

It's a mystery.

(Oh, okay, so it's not a mystery at all. Damn my lack of self-restraint with calories in liquid form, and an over-fondness for expensive white burgundy. It's never the food.)

Still, no use beating myself up about it. Onwards and upwards... I can see lots of soup in my immediate future.

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Linda said...

Thanks for the link to the vegan blog, some yummy recipes there. Soup and porridge and big casseroles are the glories of winter, although I am beginning to long for warmer weather and smoothies for breakfast. On Sunday I made butternut squash soup and enlivened it with orange juice and coriander. Good with pecans!