Saturday, 9 February 2008

I am still here...

... but not blogging about CR because, for all intents and purposes and no matter what, it is - unfortunately - not happening.

However, it is February in Great Britain and today I lunched in the sun in a village that really deserves a much better website with a friend and no jacket. Bright blue skies above scored with vapour trails; bright white spring sun beating down; snowdrops white and quiet and damp in the shadows on the banks, folding up their secrets into their silent, seemingly-eternal selves.

Tonight the sky is dark and silver studded, ripped open like a book I could read if I could. So clear, I can see the whole dark moon, bone-white-curved shyly into the fractional-caress of the sun.

:-) And I wonder why CR isn't happening?

As ever, xxx to all.


Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Hugs back. What a quaint village.

artifex said...

It is a beautiful place, isn't it ? Before moving to California I lived in Hullavington; cycling distance from Castle Combe. One of the things I most enjoyed was the garden open days .. visiting one or two gardens on a weekend afternoon, going by bicycle through the narrow lanes.
It's been a fine spring day in the Valley too - 20C this afternoon. Second wave of daffodils coming out, cherry blossom, acacia, camelias, magnolias all in flower.