Sunday, 13 January 2008

A stuttering start

Hmm. Rather ashamed to admit that despite the best of intentions, I don't seem to have got my second CRON year off to a good start - I've gained a pound if not two since the beginning of the year (*shame* (It could just be water retention though... *hopes*)), and I keep being ambushed by hunger and the close proximity of starchy carbs, aka delicious breads. Someone said (what I think of as) the dreaded words to me the other day - "Oooh, you are looking well". I always translate this as "My, haven't you put on weight lately...", while knowing of course that my friend means anything but. But it's true. 115lbs this morning which is in no way a disaster, but irritating because I really don't want that insidious creep to 120 and beyond happening again, and even more so because I was hovering just over 112-113lbs at Christmas. I am much better and much more myself at 112, and 110 is where I want to be. So, same goal as last year then. But I'll settle for 112.

This morning I managed a gym session (urgh, so boring), and an extremely blustery and cold walk on Salisbury Plain with friends and dogs. Benefits of which were all off-set by pub lunch (butternut soup, bread) and the necessity of getting calories back into me asap because I was frozen. This afternoon I have nothing more planned than huddling up with the papers, hot drinks, and Jazz FM. Dinner will be little gem lettuce and the remains of a huge pot of low-fat cottage cheese that I foolishly opened the day before going to London and now am trying to finish off before it goes fizzy and climbs out of the fridge by itself.

Then a day at home, two more days in London, and then a week (thankfully) at home to make a second/third/fourth start on cutting the carbs and upping the protein and making gym exercise an every day thing. And shaking up my diet a bit. I am planning to cut the fruit out at breakfast and replace it with extra protein and fats (yoghurt, seeds AND nuts), and see how that goes. If nothing else it's an easy way of reducing my calories and I get all essential vitamins / minerals that my servings of fruit provide in my veggies anyway. I'd like to get my carbs down this year and see if that helps the stupid blood sugar problems I have. Also need to cut the caffeine and, obviously, resist eating bread when I am eating out.

I think it's fair to say this is now, as April described it the other day, more weight-watchers with an eye on nutrition than CR.


Arturo said...

Hi Sara
I was missing your posts, so it's nice to hear from you. I'm a sucker for wheat based products as well (you: bread, me: cookies).

I also felt that it was a bit unusual that no one harped on me during the family reunions. Had I gained 2 pounds before I got there? I gained 4 while there, of which 2 have come off already. But maybe it was the realization in the family that I was healthy.


HkGrace said...

I think your idea to cut out fruit with breakfast yogurt is a good one. I did the same last spring and noticed a positive change. Now I eat 300g nonfat plain yogurt, 10g whey protein powder, 10g flaxseed, 10g LLBY, and 3g cinnamon every morning. Lots of nutrition and I can save more fruit/carbs for later in the day.

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
I miss your posts and I'm talking too much in my blog. Hope you and P. are doing well.
Cheers, Arturo