Friday, 16 November 2007

Oooh, good mood!

The sun is shining and it was a glittering silver morning when I left P's house. My plans to get off the tube early and kick through the leaves in the park was scuppered by a stalled train somewhere down the tube lines, so I had to sacrifice my walk to a detour, but I am still in a bouncy happy mood. I had LLBY with my breakfast yoghurt today, for the first time in ages - a B boost? I wonder. ;-)

I also had raspberries and fresh figs and pomegranate seeds. I've made a salad for lunch which I am *really* looking forward to eating - mixed leaves, the rest of the pomegranate seeds, pumpkins seeds, satsuma, dried apricot and two walnut halves. It occurred to me after I made it that it is almost the precise dish I will be eating at dinner this evening with friends, but never mind. It looks so fun and colourful and autumnal. I've got some more yoghurt for protein to go with.

We did eat at The Gate last night pre gig - we shared the mezze plate of all the appetizers, and I had the woodland salad with wild mushrooms and hazelenuts and slivers of parmesan, truffle oil on the side (unconsumed). Really, really lovely. It just goes to prove to all those restaurants who keep trying to serve the vegetarian the huge plate of pasta, or risotto, or gnocchi, or bl**dy goat's cheese salad, that it really isn't difficult to be a bit more creative. Nothing on that plate could have taken much time or effort to put together. Just thought. More thought please!

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Arturo said...

Hi Sara,
Well, one more mini comment. I agree with your complaint of unimaginative choices for vegetarians at restaurants. It reminds me that I was in Puerto Rico eating at one of the finer restaurants in the second largest city there, Ponce. I asked the waiter to ask the chef to prepare a vegetarian version of something in their menu, such as putting some vegetables on top of their pasta. It turns out my mom ordered pasta for her main dish. But my dish turned out nicer looking - more colorful with some sauteed vegetables added, while hers was just pasta with white sauce and parmesan cheese. Had I not asked, I would have faced colorless bland looking food and would have felt hungry after eating the high carbo load.
Cheers - have a nice weekend.