Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Meeces in Pieces

There is an article cited on one of the CR lists today which includes the mice being minced after they have been variously wined and dined. Ew. Poor, poor meeces.

I looked at my diary this afternoon and worked out that I have twelve days between now and Christmas when I can be entirely sure of how many calories I'll be consuming and the nutritional value thereof. Twelve days when I won't have P staying with me, or won't be in London, or won't be otherwise socially obligated.

Hmm. DTBIC-tastic.

Where did this year go?

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nenette@lifecandy.net said...

I just running around my laundry room yesterday screaming "I hate meeces to pieces!" :)
We just found out we have mice in our basement, and I was so afraid that I'd have mice running around my feet while moving wet laundry from the washing machine to the dryer! LOL

Where did the year go?! I don't think I got anything done this year... what can I get done in a month and a half to be able to say "I got 'x' done in 2007"? :)