Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Long Road

(I took this picture while out walking on Salisbury Plain the other week. It was very peaceful and also very sombre. Out of shot, to my distant left, the army were firing tank cannons and exploding mortars, the reverberations muttering across the still air).

On Tuesday I had lots and lots of blood drawn and today I called the surgery for the results and was told by the receptionist that everything came back normal - carotene, B12, cortisol, full blood count, protein... normal. Was tested for lots of stuff I don't understand, but apparently it was comprehensive. So not sure where to go from here - still yellow. Just stop worrying about it and resign myself to it? Guess that is my only option for a couple of months because I know I will get short shrift from the doctors if I waste their valuable time again. Maybe in January I will seek a second set of tests, privately. For my own reassurance. Hate this.

It must be almost a year now since I first heard about CR, and determined that I would start the experiment in January. I must admit that, weird colour changes and some weight loss beside, I can't say I feel very much different for it right now. I may, of course, not be working hard enough at it at the moment. I can only DTBIC.

Where would we be without R's a-CRON-yms?

I do enjoy reading the blogs I link to. Whatever happens, it's been worth experimenting to have made the virtual acquaintance of you all. Thank you, as ever, for your comments. I might even get around to posting something a bit more interesting and worth your while reading, one of these days. It might even be about CR.


Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Good to know it was nothing serious. At least you are also establishing a benchmark for your health. Lately I'm concerned about calcium. My diet is not giving enough of it and the current thinking is that taking a pill supplement may not be the best way to get it. So I'm thinking of trying kefir. On days I eat 5 oz of mozzarella, I get 100% of the calcium RDAs from food. I notice you eat cheese.

Sara said...

Hi Arturo.
Well, it would be good to know what it is... but never mind! :-)

Yes, I do eat cheese. Mostly fat-free cottage cheese... 125g of that doesn't get me anywhere near the RDA for calcium. I do wonder about the data in the CoM database sometimes...

Deborah said...

Hi Sara!!!

Your blog is always worthwhile reading...puleez don't feel otherwise. I'm glad to hear your blood work came back in the normal ranges. We certainly don't want to hope for something to be we? Of would explain odd things, but that is our life afterall. So you're healthy!! Hey..congrats. Enjoy it, live it.


Nice pic btw..Funny that the photo shows such a calm Yet if it had would be a very different picture. I love the irony there.