Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Never the twain shall meet

I wrote a long post about hunger and satiety and regulation of appetite based on my experiences this past week, but frankly it's far too bloody angsty so can just stay unpublished for now. Suffice it to say, I think it's incredibly unfair that I can be quite so painfully hungry in London on a daily basis and still gain weight in 6 days. It just goes to show quite how much attention needs to be paid to micro and macro-nutrients when your natural inclination is towards a low calorie diet, and how easy it is to mess it up.

(I messed it up. Big time. Several times.)

In other small world news, it would appear that Linda and myself visited the same very small farmer's market in North London on Sunday. Did we see each other there? Who can tell? :-)


Linda said...

Oh my - ships that pass in the night. I was there from just after 10am. But if I was standing behind someone over 5ft in height you may not have seen me. I won't be able to make it next week, but maybe I'll see you the week after???

Sara said...

Hi Linda. Well, I'm sure you were long gone (along with much of the produce) by the time we got there. :-)

I'm not in London every weekend - in fact it's rare I am, since I prefer to run screaming home - but I'll certainly mention if I am planning to be there again! Hopefully it's a sign of the area moving on... :-)

Linda said...

10am seems to be the time to arrive, after that the stallholders were bemused by the swarms of people buying up produce like there was no tomorrow. Let me know if you will be there again - I'll put the kettle on.

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Just saying hello. Boy it's sure quiet in the CRON bloggie world. Robin and Deborah are busy starting new jobs, besides that they have kids. April's keyboard on the blink, although she managed to leave a hilarious comment on Robin's blog about tortilla detox.
(Big laugh!!!) I am so similar to Robin in my eating tendencies - oops, I should be making that comment over there. I'm a bit off today. Hope you have a good weekend.