Friday, 12 October 2007


Yet another angsty, attention-seeking blog entry deleted minutes after publication! :-) Was it cathartic? No, not really. But never mind.

So I am all over the place geographically and mentally. Will be for another few days yet. But next week I do have the opportunity to hit the reset button. And I'm going to make every effort to.

Means moving away from CR per se, and from tracking in CoM. I've been fretting too much about not making my RDA's, and eating far too many vegetables for my own physical comfort in order to make those RDA's. Too many Big Salads have resulted in a lack of perspective where now I feel unable to judge my own appetite and satiety mechanisms. Has that happened to anyone else? Or am I just susceptible to it because of my own past emotional problems concerning food? Right now I fear I am on a slippery slope to a binge mentality. I don't want to be there.

Anyway. Detox for me. No dairy, no wheat, no coffee... most importantly no alcohol. No, not even a single social glass. Not for seven days. Fruit and wholegrains and vegetables in moderate proportions. I need to trust myself again.

Wish me luck.


Christina said...

Good luck with your detox Sara! I wish you the best.
About your question, that has happened to me as well. I don't like the feeling of not being hungry, but still feeling like I HAVE to eat x-quantity of such-and-such. Just doesn't feel right for me.
I'm thinking of trying something similar (detox)in January as a sort of New Year's thing. If you have any pointers or lessions learned...
Hope you have a great weekend!

Deborah said...

I can understand the need for's hard and you have to be ready for it. I wish you luck! You need that edge!

As always

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Sending you lots of love. That detox is tuff stuff. I can avoid dairy without suffering, but when I tried staying 100% off wheat products I found it very hard to do, because I'll have 3 cookies per week. But I gave up morning cereal and instead have made a sort of flaxseed, sesame seed, date and cherries dehydrated cracker that is nice at breakfast. I loved that recipe you gave for a veggie thai dish. I wouldn't fret so much about the RDAs. I've gotten to where I supplement occassionally, not obsessively everyday. Also, I tend to enter most of the same meals in COM, which makes it less onerous that tracking every bit of variance from your diet. However, my diet may be more repetitious than yours. You have a nice kitchen and love to cook. I enjoy preparing food and actually, I prepare almost all of my food, but my style may be a bit different from yours. Anyway, I'm rambling on your blog.

Nenette AM said...

Hi Sara,

Yes, my inability to "read" my body is my biggest problem as of late, and has been for quite some time.
I've been trying to get back that ability, but for me it's tough with my pickyeater kids and a chaotic schedule. Still trying!

I've had great experience with detox as a way to reset after a bad dip. I wish you all the best. :)


JD said...

>>>>Too many Big Salads have resulted in a lack of perspective where now I feel unable to judge my own appetite and satiety mechanisms.

I totally agree with this. I've been slowly reducing the size of my big salads by using smaller tupperware whilst still getting 100% of my vitamins and minerals.

Getting sick recently also helped 'reset' my appetite. It's one of the funny things in life that the more you eat, the hungrier you become.

Mary wrote a good post on this which I read from time to time.

Hope you're doing ok.

April said...

Sara... are you there?


Sara said...

Hi A (and everyone)... Yes, I'm still here. Got a hellish cold and some other freaky things going on, so will do a proper post when a) I can type without sneezing and b) have (hopefully) had some medical checks.

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Hope you're feeling better. I have cold myself, so have been taking it easier with yoga. A comment to JD. We all love and read Mary's blog. I went to read that entry. She discourages the use of guar gum and other fillers. While I understand why she suggests so, my opinion is the advice would be different for a vegetarian. I kind of suspect that Mary's diet, which is not vegetarian, leaves her satiated between meals. For me, as a vegetarian, guar gum helps me stay more satiated. Being a vegetarian, the stomach empties so quickly that one is looking for the next meal very soon after one. So the guar gum helps, to me at least. I'm also a frequent eater, which Mary doesn't recommend because it causes insulin to be constantly made in the body. But some of us have this style of CR eating. Her method is probably more correct ( no snacking ) but some of us arrive at the same place using different methods (ie, those of us who snack in between meals).

Deborah said...

Hi Sara..I hope you are feeling better very soon!


skinnybitch said...

Hi Sara,

Just checking in. I hope all's well. Take good care of yourself.

R (Nenette AM) said...

Okay, Sara, you've been tagged!

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