Thursday, 6 December 2007

Wassup Doc?

- Do you eat a lot of carrots?

- No.

- Oh. Because eating a lot of carrots can...

- I don't eat a lot of carrots

- ... make you orange...

- No carrots.

- None?

- Not a one, no.

Got my full blood screen though. Might even have results by tomorrow afternoon.

Today, though, my thoughts and prayers are focussed on my friend's new-born daughter XJ, who has contracted Strep B Meningitis at 4 days old. Very worried indeed.

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April said...

Oh dear! I hope your friend's child is okay! How terrifying! Lots of love and prayers.

The beta carotene in carrots is also present in huge amounts in the other veggies like kale that you eat. MR doesn't eat carrots either, at least not but once in a blue moon, and as we have observed, he is a lovely light orange.