Thursday, 3 December 2009

Letting It All Go

So, at the end of August I was hoping to make a Fresh Start on various things - exercise, diet, attitude, direction. And with that Fresh Start, there would have been lots of wonderfully fascinating blog posts that would have kept you hooked, on the edge of your seat, thrilled by my adventures, my daring, my skills, my achievements, gasping at my success...


Yeah, well. That didn't happen. Life got in the way, as life does - and it was always next week, next week, next week... Consequently I am writing this feeling unhealthier than I have done for a very long time, and looking it too. That photo I titled Gratuitous Vanity Shot? Vanity indeed. Serves me right. If I could fit into those shorts now without a muffin top, I'd be happy... Well, not happy but you know what I mean.

So, this post is a kick up my own backside really. A note to myself to Get A Grip. Yes, Christmas is coming up and yes, my diary is jam-packed full of meals out and parties. But that's not excuse to end 2009 feeling like a whale, so. Belated damage limitation ahoy. Wish me luck.

(It hasn't all been bad bad bad. I have more or less completely redecorated the upstairs of my cottage (admittedly after the ceilings fell down), and it looks so much nicer now. I lie in bed and look at my lovely wallpaper (such an exciting life, isn't it?) and coo with pleasure. And I have booked myself on a month-long professional cookery course, in March 2010. To see if I really can stand the heat in the kitchen.)


Amy said...

I would LOVE to take a cooking class! I've been thinking about it lately. Alas, I'm broke, so no $$$ for cooking courses, and dealing with 3 kids ages 5,4, and 2 pretty much means the spare time isn't there for self-indulgence, beyond the occasional long bath (bathroom door locked so no one can come in) and my beloved wine (takes another sip).

I'm also trying to re-energize my health regimen.

Good luck with yours.


Joanna said...

Hi Sarah -

I just found this *again* and remembered how much I enjoyed your posts. (I used to do CRON blogging but I just didn't have the energy for it).

I haven't been doing CRON lately as much as simply fine-tuning my diet overall.

Anyhow - hope you've been doing well and please feel free to drop me a line :)

Joanne said...

Yeah I often wonder what you are up to as well. I still check your blog fairly regularly to see if you've posted an update.