Monday, 27 July 2009

Clearly I have failed to put anything into the new blog, which shows shamefully on my profile. Flake.

Still, have some flowers.


Borage. Perfect in Pimms, apparently. But I don't like Pimms, so I don't know. I eat the flowers on salads, and scare people by putting them on cupcakes.
Sweetpeas. After I'd done the picking for the day. Triffids have nothing on them.
And now have some veggies:

View up the veggie patch...
Squash gone mad... yummy though.

Radicchio (sp?!) and swiss chard. We had chard for dinner tonight... the patch is, shall we say, somewhat denuded. I can eat A LOT of chard.

My enchanted asparagus forest. Unfortunately, this was something I could not eat a lot of this year, and here it is, taunting me with all its flowering glory.

As for CR.... Usual story - loads of veggies, but not counting calories. Probably far too much bread and cheese and, yes, wine, lately. Which I am feeling.

As for life, a hell of a lot of horrible stuff which paradoxically makes CR very hard. Life is too short v life cannot be long enough.

Anyway, xxx all.


Drew Patterson said...

You really have a pretty garden. You must take great pride in it.

Matthew said...

Nice garden pictures! :-)

Arturo said...

hi Sara
what a beautiful garden. if i visit the UK, i'd like to invite myself to say hello (and see your garden).