Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cholesterol Test Results

Sainsbury's are doing them free, so I thought - why not?

Anyway. I think these are okay in themselves, but wonder if I practiced CR more rigorously (or, indeed, more often at all) whether they would be better?

Total Cholesterol Reading - 4.22 (I feel this should be lower)
HDL Reading - 2.26 (... and this should be higher?)
Ratio Reading - 1.9 (er...)
Glucose (non-fasting) - 5.0

And I weighed 110.2lbs on the scales this morning. The scales are mad. I probably could have gotten on them 30 seconds later and been 2lbs heavier.

(The last time I had some tests done was Dec 2007. Then my total cholesterol was over 5.00 and my blood sugar was, as I recall, 3.8).


April said...

The thing I love about you Sara is that you're real. I hope I can make it over to see you and have a big salad and a lot of wine together sometime soon!


Sara said...

Any time, April; you'd be welcome. :-)

skinnybitch said...

Hi Sara!

After my long hiatus from the CRON world, I'm so happy to see you're still blogging. I hope you're doing well, and I'll be reading.