Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Inspiration of the Long Distance Runner

101 year old man intends to run London Marathon.

And there was me feeling quite pleased with myself having managed to get to the gym 4 mornings in the last week so far and do my 30 minutes treadmill stagger each time!


Amy said...

I'm with you. Every year, the first Saturday in March they have a 15K run here in Jacksonville, Florida. I've always wanted to run it - never mind that I've never gone longer than 3 miles on a consistent basis. So I suggested to the husband that we should try to run it next year. He wasn't so enthusiastic. I think I'm seriously going to try, though. Of course, step one will actually be going to the gym, which hasn't happened more than twice since I delivered my baby 12 weeks ago. Small steps, I suppose :-).

Illiah said...

Actually, the first three miles are the hardest! it takes me three miles just to warm up, they are the hard ones, then inertia takes over ( good music on the ipod and stressful work days help too!)

Sara said...

I'd really love to learn to run properly, long distance outside. It must be really empowering, so I don't quite know what's stopping me from trying apart from fear of not being able to do it. Like you, Amy, I've never been able to run very far in one go; I always walk/run interval train in the gym. So there's my first step right there! Perhaps this morning, if I can recover from the bout of insomnia that has me writing this at 3am!