Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Someone on the CR list posted about the effects of CR on sleep. I don't know whether it's CR, or me aging, or me not needing as much sleep as I used to and still trying to get as much, or what, but in the last year I have had more episodes of bad insomnia than ever before. Like this one. 3am. Meh.

Still, I watched No Country For Old Men earlier in the evening. I suspect that has more than a little to do with it. What an unrelentingly cruel movie; fabulously done, but so so so bleak. I guess being awake is preferable to being in the half-daze of troublesome dreams it left me with.


Arturo said...

hi sara
i thought about you with my troublesome sleep last night. but in my case, sleep was interrupted by crews contracted by the city to spray wash the street and side walks between 12:00pm and 4:00am. i imagine a stressful movie had to do with keeping you awake.

Matthew said...

Your insomnia resolved now? :)

nenette@lifecandy.net said...

i've had some bad insomnia as of late as well, but i suspect mine is NOT CR related.
i have some nights where i just can't shut off my brain... very frustrating and very easily triggered by anything from a busy schedule to new stuff i want to blog about to a very full tummy to an intense movie.
hope you get some rest...